Route 7 is Wilton’s most dangerous road

Bird’s-eye-view of the Route 7 corridor in Wilton. —Bryan Haeffele photo
Bird’s-eye-view of the Route 7 corridor in Wilton. —Bryan Haeffele photo

Route 7 in Wilton is the most dangerous road in town, according to the 2018 Connecticut Crash Data Repository.

The University of Connecticut-compiled repository provides select crash information collected by state and local police and is comprised of crash data from the Department of Public Safety and Connecticut Department of Transportation.

According to repository’s collision analysis data on crashes between Jan. 1, 2018 and Dec. 17, 2018, there were 376 reported in Wilton, 186 of which occurred on Route 7.

Route 33 had the second-highest number of motor vehicle crashes between those dates, with 55 reported collisions. Other routes with high numbers of collisions were:

  • Belden Hill Road – 22 collisions.
  • Route 106 – 10 collisions.
  • Route 53 – 10 collisions.
  • Branch Brook Road – 5 collisions.
  • Range Road – 5 collisions.
  • Drum Hill Road – 4 collisions.
  • Hulda Hill Road – 4 collisions.

With 54 reported collisions in Wilton, the month of June had the most crashes in 2018, followed by:

  • September and May – 45 collisions.
  • January – 43 collisions.
  • October – 38 collisions.
  • February – 36 collisions.
  • March and July – 31 collisions.
  • April – 29 collisions.
  • August – 21 collisions.
  • November – 2 collisions.
  • December – 1 collision.

With 72 reported crashes, the most dangerous day of the week for motorists in 2018 was Thursday, followed by Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sixty-two crashes were reported on each of those three days of the week.

The time of day with the most car accidents was 3 p.m.., with 12.5% of reported collisions; followed by 5 p.m. (9.04%) and 8 a.m. (8.78%).

Aggressive driving

According to the Crash Data Repository, there were 160 aggressive driving crashes in Wilton in 2018 — 73 fewer than reported in 2017 and the lowest number of such incidents in the last 10 years.

There were, however, 65 aggressive driving injuries reported in Wilton in 2018, reflecting a five-incident increase from 2017.

Unbelted crashes

There was only one reported crash in Wilton involving a person not wearing a seatbelt — the lowest number of such incidents in the last 10 years. In 2017, there were eight such incidents.

According to the Crash Data Repository, that same unbelted crash in Wilton in 2018 also involved injuries. That number was also the lowest in 10 years.


There were 26 speed crashes in Wilton in 2018 — 14 fewer than reported in 2017 and 31 fewer than reported in 2008.

The number of speeding crashes with injuries also decreased in Wilton. There were nine reported speed injuries in town in 2018, compared to 11 in 2017 and 14 in 2008.

DUI crashes

There were six DUI crashes in Wilton in 2018, according to the Crash Data Repository — the second-lowest number of such crashes in the last 10 years. In 2017, nine DUI crashes were reported in town.

The number of DUI crashes with injuries slightly increased, from three in 2017 to four in 2018.

The Connecticut Crash Data Repository is available at

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