Wilton real estate sales — July 6-12, 2018

real estate
48 Pheasant Run Road

The following property transactions were recorded in the office of Town Clerk Lori Kaback from July 6 through July 12, 2018.

77 Glen Hill Road: Matthew and Andrea Lanaro, to Andriy and Vira Partola, $630,000.

306 Danbury Road Unit 6: Stephen Wall, to Deepak Yinti and Deepa Yinti, $750,000.

48 Pheasant Run Road: Michael and Caley Sayre, to Alyssa Newman, $780,000.

75 Thunder Lake Road: Todd and Kathleeen Curesky, to Brian and Mary O’Malley, $645,000.

2 thoughts on “Wilton real estate sales — July 6-12, 2018

  1. Lower the property taxes (the impossible dream) and we might see more than four transactions. Perhaps even one over $780,000.

  2. I have lived here since 1970 and am a member of the “old timers” as well as a product of the school system. The new Wilton buyer buys in to use the school system for their kids and head out when done. Sad but true. Couple that with the current Connecticut economy and I am not sure where the future leads.

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