Baby escapes injury in serious car accident

A one-year-old boy strapped in an infant car seat escaped injury when the car he was riding in left the road and totaled two other vehicles. The accident on July 6 at 10:56 a.m. on Danbury Road resulted in infractions for his 32-year-old Redding mother.

Kim Kkotsaem, of 56 Portland Avenue, Redding, was ticketed with failure to wear a seatbelt, following too closely and failure to keep right, police said.

She was driving a Jeep Cherokee.

The Jeep was northbound on Danbury Road when a vehicle ahead of it stopped short. She turned to the left sharply and possibly accelerated across Danbury Road, police said. The Jeep traveled through the parking lot of Molly’s Deli and and struck a Dumpster, a boulder and a dirt pile, then went through a fence between Molly’s Deli and Precision Performance. Police said the Jeep was “somewhat airborne” and struck and totaled two parked vehicles at Precision Performance. A couple of other vehicles were hit but did not appear damaged.

The child was sent to Norwalk Hospital for a checkup but was uninjured.

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  1. Thank god nobody was hurt in a crash like that. Sinage and Address on RT cause a lot of drivers to stop suddenly, looking for an address and to exit places with sinage that blocks views of traffic. Not wearing a seatbelt these days is really ridiculous. Who is responsible for checking on signs that block visibility? Is it the town or the state?

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