Gun is stolen from car, another car stolen overnight

A handgun, cash and personal items were among the items stolen during a rash of overnight motor vehicle burglaries being investigated by Wilton police. The burglaries occurred on Ridgefield Road, Mountain Road, Millstone Road and Hickory Hill Road, all in the northern part of Wilton during the overnight of July 9-10.

Police are also investigating the theft of a 2015 Porsche Cayenne from a driveway on St. Johns Road, which has not been recovered as of 1:30 p.m. July 10.

Thieves are targeting unlocked vehicles, and stealing vehicles which have the keys left in them, police said.

The department is calling upon the public to lock vehicle doors and remove items of value.

Police are also asking anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity or recorded any suspicious activity during the overnight hours to contact them at 203-834-6260.

2 thoughts on “Gun is stolen from car, another car stolen overnight

  1. MEANWHILE, Wilton Planning & Zoning Commissioners* are openly messing around with town regulations which could allow ANY Wilton homeowner, in ANY neighborhood, on ANY street, in ANY house size, without ANY neighbor veto or notice or approvals to create one and two-bedroom apartments for ANY stranger and ANY number of vehicles. Meanwhile, Wilton’s competitor towns for home buyers and taxpayers PROHIBIT ANY non-immediate family member renter/occupants and PROHIBIT ANY non-owner occupied houses to attempt such.

    You think there are thefts from driveways now! Where are the town residents’ uprisings on this P&Z discussion debacle? Is there ANY common sense here? Should ANY property tax remittances be submitted this August given THIS nonsense underway?

    * Wilton town site: Scott Lawrence (Chairman), Richard Tomasetti (Vice-Chairman), Doris Knapp (Secretary), Eric Fanwick, Mathew Murphy, Basam Nabulsi, Christopher Pagliaro, Sally Poundstone, Peter Shiue

  2. And what about the businesses being run out of houses on Ridgefield Road…that has been going on for a LONG time.

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