Roundabout group forms

Belden Hill Roundabout, a closed group, has formed on Facebook for the benefit of neighbors concerned about the proposed roundabout for the intersection of Route 106 and Belden Hill Road.

The group was formed to communicate information and create a dialogue for residents concerned about the state Department of Transportation possibly creating the roundabout, according to the group’s announcement.

As of June 4, there were 48 members.

David Cristini is listed as the moderator.

“I put together the group to connect the Belden Hill neighborhood to make sure they were informed of the proposed DOT changes and the potential impact it would have on both increasing even more volume on Belden Hill and the physical impact to the local neighborhood,” Cristini said in an email, when asked about the group.

He said he wanted a quick way to communicate information, thoughts, and opinions about what the DOT is suggesting and how it would impact those who live in the proposed area and travel it frequently.

2 thoughts on “Roundabout group forms

  1. Wilton doesn’t need anything new that encourages even more transient vehicles off of Rt 7 and onto parallel roads thru this intersection all the way north to the Ridgefield line via Rt 33/Ridgefield Rd.

  2. New Canaan Road (106) is part of the problem also. While it does not involve as many houses, at certain times of day traffic is backed up down to Old Boston RD. A “round about “ is ridiculous and a waste of money . How many residents remember when Belden was 106 from Wolfpit to RT 33 at the church? That obviously did not work as far as traffic is concerned.I see all the signs in town saying “no ideling “ ! The Back up on Belden and growing traffic on side the roads put out more fumes into the area than running car engines in town!!! I suggest the state extend RT 7 to the 3 way intersection at Wesport RD where the 4 lane RT 7 starts at the Lambert corner.Then in time 4 lane RT 7 up to Ridgefield where it would join the already built 4 lane road up to 84. The current RT 7 from Grist Mill to Wilton and beyond is joke, 2 lanes, 4 lanes, 3 lanes etc. Then if it can be approved build a north bound entrance to the Merrit off the current RT 7 extension. Yes it will take time and money, but as more GPS is available in cars there will be a lot more traffic on the Back roads and Belden will get even worse. Lastly, we residents are now paying a lot of extra money maintaining Belden and will pay even more as the back roads fill up, Anyone hit a pothole and bust a tire lately.

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