PHOTOS: Wilton during and after the storm

Kathryn Groves and her daughter Schuyler take advantage of the snow day and make a St. Patrick's Day snowman. — Brooks Garis photo
Nod Hill Road is covered in snow. — Brooks Garis photo
Snow falls gently in Wilton Center. — Brooks Garis photo
Snow begins to obscure the sign at Weir Farm National Historic Site. — Brooks Garis photo
Snow falls along Weir Preserve trail. — Brooks Garis photo
Snowy woods. — Brooks Garis photo
The town green turns white. — Brooks Garis photo
Schuyler Groves and her Irish snowman. — Kathryn Groves photo
A utility pole snapped on Dudley Road. — Tina Pamnani photo
Steve Massaua sent this photo of Spoonwood Road and Canterbury Road.
This is a view of Andrew Lishnoff's driveway on Old Wagon Road, where a tree fell on power lines.
A huge tree came down on Dudley Road. — Tina Pamnani photo
This tree came down at Marni Radelman Handel's Old Mill Road home.
Mike O'Connell sent this photo showing snow at a depth of 14 inches in Wilton.
Lucia Sato sent this photo of a tree on a house.
This tree is down by Blue Ridge Road. — Joanne Feehley photo
Birds might think twice about moving into this house right away. — Brooks Garis photo
A downed tree in Cannondale. — Bryan Haeffele photo
Even a large tree like this was no match for the storm. — Bryan Haeffele photo
The storm brought down a pole in Cannondale. — Bryan Haeffele photo
An apple tree and stone wall get a coat of white. — Brooks Garis photo

Wilton was a winter wonderland for a brief time on Wednesday, as about 14 inches of snow fell. That all turned into a nightmare as trees and wires fell as well. Here are some of the photos we’ve been able to assemble that catches the beautiful and not-so-beautiful side of a snowy winter storm.

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