Chain of life

Wiltonians Lew Marino and Kathleen and Tim Dineen helped coordinate the Life Chain on Oct. 29, on Atlantic Street in Stamford. They are active with the Norwalk Gospel of Life group which, with guidance from Frank Carpanzano of Stamford, organized the event that had in excess of 50 people who prayed silently for respect of life as hundreds of motor vehicles drove by. The Life Chain is an event that occurs in communities across the country.

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  1. As I read this short article, a flashback to the March just after Inauguration Day came to mind.nThat day, tens of thousands chanted, screamed, carrying profane signs with leaders on platforms ranting slurs, others flaunting I Had An abortion shirts… children carrying placards with Fallopian tubes demanding women’s rights.. and on and on..nOn this day, a handful of quiet people pray for respect of life, all life…nThe contrast is astonishing…

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