Fiscal responsibility leads Democrats’ party line


A commitment to fiscal responsibility leads the platform for the town’s Democratic Town Committee, which developed the list of focus points for the upcoming election season during a meeting June 3.

“We are committed to fiscal responsibility, beginning with a balanced budget but extending to all efficiencies that maximize tax dollars and preserve the highest possible credit rating,” point one of the platform statement reads in its entirety.

There are minor modifications from the last platform, said party chair Deborah McFadden. She said it will be discussed and voted on at the party caucus Wednesday, July 19, at 7:30 p.m. at the Comstock Community Center.

She said there are three out of 29 positions that are open, and “we are looking for folks who want to join.”

Additional planks in the platform:

  • Democrats will work to enlarge the Grand List by supporting a master plan and development that eases the tax burden on individuals, allows seniors and town workers to continue to live in Wilton, but that maintains the character of the town.
  • A commitment to a green Wilton, supporting initiatives that make buildings environmentally sound, increase recycling efforts, promote open space and conserve the town’s natural resources.
  • Transparency in government at every level by supporting the continued videorecording of all major town meetings, including those of the Planning and Zoning Commission.
  • Civility and respect in political discourse, no matter how divided the issue or  passionate the debate.
  • Diversity in hiring, housing and participation.
  • A commitment to a safe Wilton and Connecticut, supported by sensible gun regulation and a compassionate but proactive approach to mental health.
  • Wider voter participation through programs like automatic registration DMVs, while working to eliminate misguided restrictions on voting.
  • Acknowledge, respect and honor the workers who contribute so much to make the town work and allow it to prosper.
  • Excellence in education as the key to Wilton’s fiscal and cultural health, with support for appropriate funding and programs that assure such excellence — while guaranteeing equal access to courses and activities, regardless of a student’s economic status.

From a Republican point of view, this year’s platform is very much the same one the Democrats have had, and been running on, said Al Alper, chairman of the Republican Town Committee.

“I look forward to their candidates taking up its mantle and making their case to the voters this fall,” Alper said.

Alper said the RTC’s platform has always been a simple one that focuses on responsible governance.

“Ours is inclusive of all Wiltonians; citizens who move here for the character of our community and the quality of our education. Friends and neighbors who call Wilton home care about the community that serves and protects their families, that supports and encourages the generations, and that works diligently to ensure their quality of life,” Alper said.

“These are the outcomes of a Republican platform that has guided our leaders for years; Republican leaders that have led this town for generations, creating the raison d’etre for families to call Wilton home.”

3 thoughts on “Fiscal responsibility leads Democrats’ party line

  1. What a bunch of poppycock by Ms. McFadden who votes to spend money like there is no tomorrow…fiscally responsible? you guys are hilarious…

    I am actually ashamed to be a registered Democrat in the Town of Wilton. Mr. Burnham’s wife Donna Birck, along with Bruce Hampson, and other town insiders both Republican and Democrat really took us for a hoodwinker of a ride with Miller Driscoll and Comstock…spendthrifts who give no thought to Wilton’s future indebtedness.

  2. Its a pile of c**p. Transparency – in Wilton? After AROD and Miller-Driscoll and the FOIA req – ypu,must eb joking. And the final point is inconsistent with fiscal responsibility (which, in conjunction wit the word Democrat, is an oxymoron). And I agree with everything Kevin Hickey said.

  3. “…eliminate misguided restrictions on voting…wider voter participation?” People who long ago passed this life for eternity with Him are having their names used to vote. The ability to vote couldn’t be easier accompanied by minimal and only occasional personal effort to use that privilege. Citizens have the option to vote and that’s an either or decision. Those who don’t come out to vote are exercising their vote, by not.

    As a Republic, not a democracy, the USA has thrived over its history by the proactive efforts of informed people. Enticing the uniformed to cast votes is foolish, just like making decisions based on opinion polls. Praise God we have regularly active voices like Mr. Kevin Hickey. Jesus overturned the corruption outside and inside the temple and he changed the world, so too do those with comparable courage to speak the truth.

    By now you see that as a Christian, and with my having noted that Thomas Paine Today was said to be atheist and silent of late on these matter, I wish to step in and point out how the Judeo-Christian roots of American must be returned to government or we’re going to continue being in trouble.

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