Cews laying down natural gas pipes in August 2014. — Erica Grant photo

Letter: New gas line needs how much from taxpayers?

To the Editors: I have read with great incredulity that Mr. Brennan has asked for hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to extend a natural gas line to Miller-Driscoll.


Letter: It’s time to end Sensible Wilton’s waste of town resources

To the Editors: In response to longtime Wilton resident and town leader Ray Moskow’s letter detailing the way in which “Sensible” has been wasting the time and resources…


Letter: Which way Wilton?

To the Editors: Last week Sensible Wilton was again attacked for having the audacity to question the decision by our town officials to spend $50 million of taxpayer money…


Letter: Weir plans special open house weekend

To the Editors: As part of National Park Weekend, Wilton’s very own Weir Farm National Historic Site will be hosting a special open house April 18 and 19.

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