The downtown Detroit skyline as seen from Brush Park, a former home to Detroit's 19th Century elite, which is seeing some restoration work this year. — Joshua Fisher photo

There’s more hope in Detroit than in Connecticut

A week in Detroit can make you feel that Connecticut has a lot more crumbling to do before any hope returns.


A View from Glen Hill: The Amish in our midst

Our March Florida winter-escape vacation seems a distant memory now. Yet a special aspect of the American experience I was reminded of there remains very much with me.

Marion Filley

Marion Filley’s Closing Comments: June

With the end of the first half of the year, the market is sending mixed messages. Sales for June were 13% behind 2014 for the same month.


The secrets of E-ZPass

Today you can travel toll roads from Maine to Illinois to Virginia and use the same E-ZPass. And Connecticut drivers — get ready, tolls are in our future.

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