Weir Farm

Tourism at Weir

A National Park Service (NPS) report shows that 34,083 visitors to Weir Farm National Historic Site in 2014 spent $1.9 million in communities near the park.

Umberto (Pitagora) the Tailor. — Christopher Burns photo

Umberto Pitagora: Wilton’s hometown tailor for 45 years

If you ask Umberto Pitagora which president had the best suits in the past 50 years, his answer is quick.

Sixty-gallon Great American Rain Barrels.

Rain barrels for sale

Aquarion Water Company is offering for sale discounted rain barrels to its Connecticut customers as part of the company’s water conservation efforts.


Painting parties

Masters & Mixers is a paint and bring-your-own beverage event offered at Georgetown School of the Arts, 25 Old Mill Road, West Redding.

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