Swimming safety

YMCA lifeguard Joanna Korsch teaches a child how to float in water during a swimming safety session at the pool of the Wilton Family YMCA branch.

The new owners of College Creamery inside the truck. From left, Julia Lewis, Justin Lewis, Jack Lewis.

College Creamery: New owners building a family legacy

The keyword is “college.” Lindsay Wheeler, the Wiltonian who founded the Wilton ice cream truck College Creamery, did so as a way of earning money towards education.


New site intended to heat up town business climate

The Wilton Economic Development Commission has delivered a website designed as a resource for businesses considering moving into or expanding in Wilton.

(Lizabeth Doty photo)

Lunch guests

Joyce and Larry Donnorummo at a picnic sponsored by Brookdale Wilton. More than 60 people attended the event complete with musical entertainment.

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